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Jan 9, 2013 8:00am PST
. >> australia is on fire. with the second week of record shattering heat, two new colors have been added to australia's weather maps to show it temperatures exceeding 122 degrees fahrenheit. wildfires raged through five of australia's six states. meanwhile, the united states records its hottest year ever. we will go to australia for report. three men of somali descent are arraigned in new york. president obama continues the controversial practice of rendition, secretly detaining, transporting, and holding prisoners overseas. part two of our exclusive interview with sami al-hajj, the of jazeera journalist imprisoned and tortured at guantanamo for six years. >> when i was in guantanamo, i asked myself maybe it is a good chance for me to be a journalist in guantanamo to be a witness. [indiscernible] >> we speak with the al jazeera journalist at al jazeera headquarters in doha, qatar. all of that and more coming up. this is "democracy now!,", the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. new figures have confirmed 2012 was the hottest year on record for the continental united s
Jan 5, 2013 8:00am PST
seoul sees its mounting rubbish as a resource. worst case scenario -- why farmers in australia fear the discovery of gas reserves on their land. and kenya's lifestraw -- how a simple water filter is also helping to cut down on co2 emissions. worldwide there are already 20 cities that count ten million inhabitants or more. and projections say that in future, population growth in urban centers will continue to explode. megacities are attractive because they offer great opportunities for individuals to find work. and in developing countries in particular they are often the only place where the poor can also gain access to modern infrastructure. and that's the challenge for city authorities. providing clean water, sewage treatment, electricity, housing and waste disposal for millions of people every day is proving a logistical nightmare. the south korean capital seoul is taking a positive approach to this huge task. there, waste management authorities are beginning to rely on sophisticated recycling techniques and reclaiming precious resources to fuel this metropolis. we take a look at
Jan 9, 2013 5:30am PST
as a brush fires raged in australia. a new season of "witness" begins january 28. >> hello within. top stories this hour. the syrian government has agreed to release more than 2000 prisoners in exchange for 48 hostages held by rebels. the iranian and turkish men were killed -- kidnapped by rebel forces in august. unemployment in the eurozone is at record levels. the european union says nearly a quarter of its population is at risk of poverty or social exclusion. in germany, about one out of five people fall in at least one of the eu poverty categories. india has officially made a protest to pakistan after two soldiers were killed in kashmir. the army says pakistani troops calls -- crossed a line of control, entering indian territory and poppa stein denied the accusation as propaganda -- pakistan deny the accusations as propaganda. >> in southeastern australia, firefighters are battling nearly 200 bushfires as hundreds of people have been forced to leave their homes. one family who escaped the blaze that destroyed their home by hiding under a jetty, and they watched as several of their
Jan 28, 2013 6:18pm EST
revalidÓ su ti Ítulo en el abierto de australia al derrotar a la china li na en tres sets 4-6, 6-4 y 6-3 en una final intensa y dramÁtica disputada en melbourne. es el segundo ti Ítulo del grand slam que gana azarenka que, de esta manera, conservarÁ su puesto como nu Úmero uno mundial del circuito femenino de tenis. mientras tanto en hombres, el serbio novak djokovic se adjudicÓ su cuarto tÍtulo en el abierto de australia al derrotar al britÁnico andy murray en cuatro sets, por 6-7, 7-6, 6-3 y 6-2. vencedor en 2008, 2011 y 2012, el nu Úmero 1 se tambien la copa centromericana de futbol uncaf termino ayer con nuevo campeon, con un torneo pauperrimo en anotaciones donde el campeon goleador solo marco dos tantos, vamos resumen de la uncaf 2013. culmino la decima segunda edición de la copa de naciones de la uncaf, en el estadio nacional de san jose costa rica. por el tercer lugar, la selección de el salvador derroto 1-0 a belice con anotación de nelson bonilla a los 50 minutos, con este resultado, la selecta se queda con la tercera posició finae cartuchos y ticos. al final de lo
Jan 8, 2013 6:00am PST
>>> welcome to nhk world "newsline." people in australia are dealing with a severe heat wave. temperatures in many areas have topped 40 degrees celsius. the high temperatures have sparked raging wildfires. nhk world's reporter reports from sydney. >> reporter: the heat wave that hit southern australia has moved eastward. people in sydney are contending with some vicious temperatures. temperature on the display shows above 40 degrees celsius. it is extremely hot in sydney. there are many wildfires throughout australia. most people in eastern australia experienced temperatures above the 40-degree benchmark. the high in sydney reached 42.3 degrees later in the afternoon. is there anything that you are aware of when it's very hot? >> drink a lot of water and stay out of the sun. >> reporter: the searing heat and dry air triggered wildfires in the southern state of tasmania. the flames are still flaring, and officials are trying to reach people who may be trapped. but the fires have spread to eastern australia. more than 100 have been reported, mainly in the state of new south wal
Jan 30, 2013 5:30am PST
intend to appeal the ruling. >> this story may go on. thanks so much. australia's prime minister has announced the country will go to the polls in september. it was a surprise announcement, giving far more notice than usual. >> it was an announcement that took australia by surprise. instead of a few weeks notice, australia's prime minister is giving nearly 9 months that an election will be held on september 14. >> announcing the election date now enables individuals, businesses, investors, consumers to plan their year. but the benefit of fixing the date now is not just the end of speculation about election timing. it gives shape and order to the year and enables it to be one not of frear national of campaigning, but of -- enables ing.o be ione not of campaign >> julia gillard has been a precarious -- has been the head of a precarious government. the center-right party currently in opposition calls for government's -- her governments s carver -- her government's carbon tax -- commodity prices have dipped. australia's economy has cooled. the opposition party says the government has los
Jan 10, 2013 9:00am PST
across australia including fires and images are popping up all over the internet. more than 200 wildfires have been reported in southern australia and on the island of tasmania, with the difficult temperature, temperatures of more than 104 degrees fahrenheit, it's really tough for firefighters to get these blazes under control. >> look at these terrifying images. a family in tasmania, they sought refuge under a pier. >> nowhere to go but under the water? >> they were surrounded. >> we saw tornadoes, a fire coming towards us. the next thing wep knew, everything was on fire everywhere. >> the family made it out safe. the children were away when this happened. they were reunited, everyone okay. no one injured. >> i also want to show you this footage that is heartbreaking shot by a volunteer fire fightner tasmania. >> real bald day. real bad day. >> you see the footage is of a neighborhood, and more than 90 homes were burned due to fires in this area, and this firefighter is so emotional, apologizing for not being able to gelt these fires under control. in particular, one of the homes he's fo
Jan 6, 2013 11:00pm PST
in australia. who will be named the world's best footballer? we will find later in the awards. the free syrian army says it will not accept the new peace plan. assad laid out some resolutions for ending the conflict in her first -- in the first speech since june of last year. he has been condemned at home and abroad. >> with an audience of cheering supporters, syria's president gave his first speech since june of last year. >> they are terrorists who follow all kind of philosophy. they call themselves jihadists. -- who follow al qaeda philosophy. >> it excludes those he says are betraying syria. >> there is a group of extremists who understand no language other than terrorism. >> this group watched the speech with scorn. >> we hope this is his last speech, and we think it is a waste of time. >> he is trying to be little the revolution. we think this is the people's revolution. >> they were forced to listen to the speech on the radio. the electricity was down again. >> we did not have any power. we tried to listen on the radio, but the sound was too loud, and we could not hear it properly. i do
Jan 12, 2013 2:00pm PST
to establish on the ground. >> and temperatures are so high in australia that they have melted roads. it has made conditions difficult for the fire fighters battling blazes there. this prort -- report from south of sydney. >> it's been the week large parts of australia burned. from southern tasmania to north of brisbane there have been hundreds of fires drinken by winds that even by australian standards have been extremely hot. these are some of the firefighters fighting them. this one is of thousands of volunteer firefighters pulled away from normal life. >> usually working in the kitchen. get pulled out of this and i'm fighting these blazes. >> in this area ats -- it's all about containment. so large and inaccessible is the area, the firefighters don't even attempt to put it out but rather they define the line beyond which they will not let it pass. back-burning, deliberately lighting a fire toward the fire. right now the fire front is in a gully about two kilometers that way. the aim is to let it get here but no further. that might sound straightforward enough except this perimeter is 94
Jan 18, 2013 6:00pm EST
llegar a la cuarta ronda del abierto de australia y ganar hoy por 6-4, 6-3, 7-5, con este resultado aumento su racha de triunfos seguidos a 17 partidos consecutivos en el abierto de australia. djokovic, el dos veces campeo Ón defensor que tambiÉn ganÓ el tÍtulo en el melbourne park en 2008, espera convertirse en el primer hombre en la era del abierto que gana tres tÍtulos major consecutivos en australia. mientras que en la rama femenina, la rusa maria sharapova derrotÓ a la estadounidensevenus williams por 6-1, 6-3 en un resultado inesperadamente abultado en la tercera ronda. con todo, williams podrÍa considerarse afortunada, pues las adversarias de sharapova en sus dos primeros compromisos no le ganaron un game a la estrella rusa. en los tres partidos del torneo, sharapova ha perdido Únicamente cuatro games en camino la cuarta ronda. y en estos momentos se esta jugando el primer partido de la copa centroamericana de la uncaf, guatemala con nicaragua, mas adelante se viene honduras contra el salvador y costa rica con belica. hasta aqui los deportes. ya regresamos con una leg
Jan 15, 2013 7:00pm PST
's trading higher. up half a percent. 1,994. let's take a look at australia. the benchmark index is up by 1/3 of a percent. 4,733. >>> well, policy makers at japan's central bank will discuss whether to take further money-boosting steps at a two-day meeting starting next week. they're apparently responding to the governments call for more powerful measures to tackle deflation and support the nation's recovery. a 2% inflation goal is expected to be included in a document to be exchanged between the bank of japan and the government. the b.o.j. policy makers are to show in writing how they plan to achieve the target requested by prime minister shinzo abe. now, it's likely to be a joint statement and not a legally binding policy accord that abe had originally sought. the aim is to maintain the central bank's independence. b.o.j. policy makers are considering expanding their asset purchase program to inject more liquidity into the money markets. the current limit for buying government bonds and other assets is about $1.1 trillion. now, as the central bank and the government are moving toward clo
Jan 5, 2013 2:00pm PST
rooms. and wildfires tear across southern australia, destroying homes and stranding many. >> welcome to look at world weather. we'll start in south america. we've had heavy rain across rio de janeiro the last 24 hours. forecast has rain across the region extending through brazil through parts of bolivia and peru. coming south wards, picking up rain through northern parts of argentina and uruguay but towards the south it's looking drier. highs of 32 in buenos aires and not looking bad in venezuela and colombia. looks like heavy rain around the gulf of mexico pushing towards mexico city and certainly for honduras, nicaragua, to the south, we could see heavy showers pushing in from time to time but panama and costa rica, a largely fair and dry picture. across north america, two areas of snow, one pushing in towards quebec and the other system along the pacific northwest, snow over the rockies and snow as far as sierra-nevada, chilly in san francisco with highs of 12. p.m. eastern, 6:00 p.m. paci, only on link tv. >> time for a reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera. hugo chavez
Jan 25, 2013 5:30am PST
rescue in australia. >> across europe, some places will have better with and others. appear, we saw snow and cold temperatures. in london, temperatures are finally coming up. will see a high of seven degrees. this will be an improvement. down here towards the balkans, rain has been going through. you will be seeing rain and snow. this will cause a big problem there. towards athens, it will be mostly cloudy with a lot of rain in the forecast prepared a high temperatures will reach 14 degrees prepar. flooding has been a major situation here over the last few days. we will see clearing. most of the clouds are toward the north. across mozambique, a lot of water standing across the region. 15,000 people have had to be evacuated. the river. the banks in south africa causing flooding. some of the roads are impassable. some of the bridges are out. this will cause a major problem. we do expect to see drier conditions over the next couple days. johannesburg will have a sunny day at 26. >> welcome back. let's recap headlines. and we're getting reports of iraqi at least five protesters have been kil
Jan 10, 2013 7:00am EST
-- the battle goes on in australia to get bushfires under control before more hot weather blows in. journalists at one of china's top newspapers have ended their protest against censorship. they had gone on strike after a government official replaced the new your editorial calling for guaranteed constitutional rights. it was the first strike in 20 years. >> we are just inside the offices of the southern weekly. as you were sitting, the journalists have gone back to work. the newspaper has come out today. but here down in the street -- against government says ship, but also freedom of expression. we are seeing some people turning up. police have put four men into a police van. one of the men was in a wheelchair. journalists are back at work and for police, business as usual. they are not letting people protest outside. >> could it be said one side or the other has won the battle of wills? >> it is very difficult to know because the agreement, theent, e not been made public. what the journalists were calling for was the propaganda chief in guangdong province step down. it does not appear to have
Jan 11, 2013 7:00am EST
," coming up -- report from the canary eye lands on the whistling that seems to be a revival. australia's southeast is still burning. fire crews are battling more than 120 blazes across the region. despite the efforts of firefighters, 15 fires are still out of control and far from letting up the blistering temperatures and high winds which make the fires so hard to contain. >> after a week, australia's battle with bush fires continues. the return of more searing temperatures into the low 40's is increasing the dangerer in one of the world's most fire prone regions. strong winds are also forecast. in the state of new south wales, 100 fires are burning. most are being contained by the relentless efforts of the emergency crews. a handful have been causing real concern. popular holiday spot south of sydney, firefighters have struggled to incinerate vast years. as a record-breaking heat wave returns to the fire belt, some residents have had enough. >> we packed up all the things we could get in the car, and said they're ready to go. >> despite the scale of australia's bush fire, no one has b
Dec 31, 2012 11:00pm EST
they welcome the new europe and dubai. tallest man made structure in the world. to australia, the always impressive fireworks display on the sydney harbor. i have been to australia on new year's eve. >> it is beautiful. seen a bad picture sydney harbor. >> we have a nice night tonight. was really cold. we are warming things up just a little bit. 39 degrees at reagan national. windchill factor, not bad, mid- 30's. temperature today, 41 degrees. look how cold it can get on this date, to 13 below back in 1880. 34 degrees as we move on to 38 degrees.ow our final stop is wtop radio, 40 degrees. temperatures have not changed a lot of the past few hours. dulles. quantico looking at 44 degrees. the cold there is off to the of us.nd west is at 2 degrees. this colder air is going to move our way over the next couple of days. mid-30's for daytime highs. that is going to be some of the coldest air we have seen all season long. satellites and radar, clouds us for the day tomorrow. bring us thewill wednesday.on futurecast looks like this. temperatures will rebound tomorrow, 38, 39 degrees. nothing tha
Jan 8, 2013 7:00pm PST
higher. 1,999 at the moment. let's take a look at australia. the benchmark index is trading higher by .4%. 4,710. >>> well, the world's largest consumer electronics show has opened in las vegas. crowds are gathering around ultra high-definition tvs. >> welcome to las vegas. >> more than 3,000 companies are showcasing their latest products at the consumer electronics show. they're shoelg off 4k tvs. the screens have four times the resolution of conventional high definition images. south korea's samsung electronics is the world's largest tv maker. people there have unveiled 85-inch and even 110-inch models. their tvs provide smooth streaming of online videos and voice-operated channel selection. sony has been selling 4k tvs since last year. the japanese electronics maker is the first to showcase a model with a 56-inch organic light-emitting diode screen. japanese electronics makers have been trying to launch 4k tvs ahead of their competitors. they want to turn around their struggling tv businesses. more headlines for you in business next hour. here's a check on markets. ♪ ♪ ♪ >>> the
Jan 9, 2013 9:00am PST
relentless fires continue to burn across huge areas of southeastern australia. lance armstrong at the center of controversy again this after reports that he tried to give $250,000 to an anti-doping agency. first president obama making another cabinet pick. the president will nominate white house chief of staff jack lew to replace timothy geithner as treasury secretary. tell us about jack lew. >> jack lew is the chief of staff known as a tough negotiator, someone who the president has complete trust in. in fact, when he was announced as the white house chief of staff the president talked about the trust that he had in him, talked about how he had taken a part in helping to right the ailing economy. this is also someone who has worked in a couple of administrations as the budget chief in this administration and the clinton administration and helped to cut the 1997 balanced budget deal. so the white house sees him as someone with a lot of experience, ready to take on some of the big challenges over the treasury department as we are facing the so-called mini cliffs, the big one, the debt ceiling
Jan 17, 2013 3:00am PST
about australia right? the former prime minister of australia, conservative prime minister of australia john howard, has a very interesting op-ed in this morning's "new york times" where he talks about what he did back in 1996. they had this mass murder where a guy killed 35 people with an assault weapon. the conservative prime minister of australia led the fight and what australia did is they banned all of the assault weapons back in 1996. they put in a government buyback program. they bought back 700,000 assault rifles. 700,000 which, given the population of australia would be the equivalent of 40 million guns in the united states. >> not just guns. assault weapons. >> bill: they bought them back. in the 18 years before that massacre, australia had suffered 13 mass killings by guns. there's not been a single one since 1996. if australia can do it, why can't we? why do we have to settle for half-ass measures. peter, what's going on? >> we're tweeting at bpshow. fred says congress turds must be publicly shamed if they oppose common sense massacre-control measures proposed by obama. jean
Jan 28, 2013 11:35pm PST
an amazing trip to australia. >> jimmy: that's beautiful. >> jimmy oh -- i have considered myself a black australian anyway. >> jimmy: that was just icing on the cake. >> i didn't know what to expect. i boarded the plane me and my wife boarded the plane and i said here is my ticket and she said you're upstairs. i panicked. i thought all the black people was on the roof of the plane. >> jimmy: you never know. it happens in some areas. >> it does happen. i'm not aborigine. i'm american-black. >> jimmy: what is this now? >> this is the number one snack in australia and i brung you some of these. it's called tim tam. they are a shorter version of our -- i guess -- a candy like twix. but when i got there i was so impressed by the tim tam i started calling myself tim tam. everybody wanted to call me chocolate tim tam. it's really a stripper name -- >> jimmy: tim tam? >> so these are so delicious. when you go to the store to buy these and you open them up before you pay for them and you take a row out and get more and pay for more with a tim tam. >> jimmy: that's currency? >> of course they do.
Comedy Central
Jan 28, 2013 11:30pm PST
is growing. look no further than australia, which was just simultaneously battered by typhoons, wildfires, and record heat. and that's in january. imagine what it's like there in the summer. [ laughter ] but ladies and gentlemen -- [ laughter ] -- australia didn't take this lying down. they struck back with new technologies. >> we know global warming has created such extreme weather in australia, the country's bureau of meteorology has added two new colors to the country's weather maps, an incandescent purple and magenta, so the maps can faithfully represent temperatures like 125 degrees fahrenheit. >> stephen: yes, new map colors. i believe the temperature color wheel goes orange, red, purple, magenta, fever blister, and satan's taint. [ laughter ] but what's really disturbing about this continent on fire is that it's got people wanting to do something about global warming. and that brings us to tonight's word. [cheers and applause] the new abnormal. last week, president obama cynically used the inaugural address to push his radical pro-survival agenda. >> we will respond to the threat o
Jan 28, 2013 6:30pm PST
been killed in floods in eastern australia. the area has been battered for days by the remains of a tropical cyclone. >> the town of bundaberg has been worst hit. thousands of residents have been evacuated. risdon is also on high alert. new south wales is now bracing for the storm to arrive. >> they have never seen flood the -- floodwaters like this in bundaberg. the raging torrents are threatening to rip homes from eir foundations. river levels are getting a record peak. -- hitting a record peak. it is no longer safe for boat cruise. dozens of stranded residents have been plucked to safety by helicopter. or the prime minister, it is the second natural disaster she has had -- for the prime minister, it is the second natural disaster she has had to deal with in a matter of weeks. >> we are being challenged by nature, but we are a strong and smart nation and we will get through this as we always do -- by pulling together. >> in australia's third-largest video, people are bracing for the worst. it is only -- third-largest city, people are bracing for the worst. falling powerlines
Jan 28, 2013 7:00pm PST
%. 1,948 and in australia the benchmark index is trading higher 4,873 this tuesday morning. the u.s. agriculture chief has welcomed japan's easing of impact restrictions on its country's beef. it gives u.s. cow farmers a bigger steake in the market. they decided to allow imports of meat from american cattle aged 30 months or younger. the current limit is 20 months or younger and was set seven years ago to provent risks of bsc or mad cow disease. the u.s. will continue working on eliminating trade bar yours for high quality and safe u.s. food and agriculture products. the u.s. will keep trying to expend its exports. ron kirk called the decision a significant and historic step in expanding the american beef tradwith japan and along with it exports and jobs. that's the latest in business for this hour. here is a check on markets. >>> thousands of refugees have been landing in recent months on shores in southern thailand. they've been fleeing violence and persecution in myanmar. the muslims are a minority in e mainly buddhist country. nhk's world reports. >> reporter: i'm standing at
Jan 7, 2013 6:00am PST
in practice. nhk world, beijing. >>> wildfires have broking o brn 130 places in australia. the southern island of tasmania has been hardest hit. flames burned down 250 buildings and policere still trying to locate dozens of missing people. >> reporter: the fires have covered tasmania in shrouds of smoke. the temperature in the state capital hit a record, 131 degrees celsius. a heat wave, dry air and strong winds made for a disastrous combination. >> we didn't know it was going to be so sudden. it was horrendous. it was just unbelievable. just all totally devastated now. >> reporter: the fires have destroyed hundreds of buildings, a police station, a school, homes. police say thousands of people have been stranded. prime minister julia gillard saw the devastation firsthand when she visited a township. she met with the people in charge of fighting the fire. she said the government would be there to help those who need it. >>> came to tasmania to say that the nation is standing with them at this very, very difficult time. we'll be standing with them in every way. >> reporter: australia is vulnera
Jan 8, 2013 2:30pm PST
fires affecting parts of australia, but first, let's brief you on some other stories in the news. the inauguration of ailing venezuelan president chavez originally set to take place on thursday is fueling a growing political dispute in the country. the government is now saying the ceremony is a mere formality and can be postponed, but venezuela 's opposition says it is planning to challenge the matter at the supreme court. chavez is currently in cuba suffering complications following cancer surgery. >> rebels in the democratic republic of congo have declared a unilateral cease-fire ahead of a second round of peace talks with the government. the move has boosted hopes for a negotiated end to their nine- month-old mobile. insurgents agreed to pull out of the eastern city of goma last month. >> india has accused pakistan of killing two of its soldiers near their disputed border in kashmir. india has described it as a provocative action and said the two soldiers were killed in a firefight with pakistani forces who entered indian territory. on monday, pakistan claimed indian forces ha
Jan 9, 2013 6:00am PST
in australia, but alerts for brush fires remain. rachel ferguson here with the latest on that rachel. >> it was indeed cooler today. a cold front moving through the southeast helped those temperatures to come down. quite significantly. however, there is going to be another couple of hot days on the way. take a look at what happens as we head into the weekend. sydney moves from 26 degrees on thursday, back up to 35 on saturday. this certainly is going to be a continued thread of more bru brushfires. another threat to talk about for australia, though. this one is a tropical cyclone, heading toward the northwestern coast of australia. it has strengthened in the last 24 hours. winds sustained at 120 kilometers per hour. it looks like it will continue strengthening as it heads toward northwestern coast. already, gale warnings in place, which means we'll feel the gale force winds within 24 to 48 hours here. more on that story. let's head now to eastern asia, where japan is likely to get very significant additional snowfall to the northwestern coast. anywhere up from 50 to 70 additional cen
Jan 10, 2013 6:00am PST
including japan, australia and nations in western europe. the findings show women in japan lived the longest at almost 86 years. japanese men ranked third living 79 years and american men are at the bottom of the list. they have a life expectancy of less than 76 years. u.s. citizens finished last when it comes to child mortality and the death rate by the age 50. the report attributes the poor american showing to poverty and obesity. it's authors are urging the government to follow the lead of other nations by introducing preventative measures against becoming overweight. they also cite the high proportion of americans who don't have health insurance and the growing number of gun-related crimes as factors. the report calls for urgent action against gun violence including a weapons ban in schools. >>> a cyclone is nearing the west coast of australia. robert is here with more. robert? >> yes, gene. we've been watching the storm. it is tropical cyclone norele. this one is really bringing the risk of heavy rainfall towards the area, especially rain near the west coast. you need to be preparing fo
Jan 15, 2013 6:00am PST
for animals from penguins to scientists. experts at australia's four observation bases are hard at work documents climate change. they are also seeing its effects first hand. planes use ice runways to bring in researchers and goods, but those runways haven't been as reliable in recent years. when temperatures rise above minus 5 degrees celsius, the surface begins to melt. that makes landing and taking off risky. 80% of flights planned in 2011 had to be canceled. >> the season when we can use it, part of the season when we can't use the runway will get longer and longer. it's natural we would be looking and we will be looking at other alternatives for moving people in and out of antarctica. >> reporter: australia's antarctic division in tasmania oversees operations. we talked via satellite link with a base leader. >> can you tell us the general information of your base? >> casey station is the largest of australia's research bases in antarctica. during the summer, we can have more than 100 people here. most of the science is done in the summer. that's when the animals are here. there's m
Jan 28, 2013 4:00am PST
. these pictures are pretty incredible. i want to bring you this in from australia. dramatic rescue from australia. they've been dealing with widespread flooding. this couple in a pickup truck with a little kid had to be rescued by a helicopter. he couldn't fit in the basket. they used a dive back and hoisted him up. everyone returned home safe. >> we're seeing the after effects. >> dying cyclone, killed three people over the weekend. >>> straight ahead on this monday morning four, relief for migraine sufferers plus thing pentagon raising its cyber security efforts. the 49ers arrive in new orleans could super bowl monday become a national holiday. you wouldn't mind that. "early today" returns in two minutes. >>> welcome back. here are stories making news this morning. the senate is expected to approve more than $50 billion in aid for victims of hurricane sandy which hit the northeast over three months ago. >>> the pentagon is about to expand its cyber-security force five-fold to meet increasing threats against the nation's computer networks. the expansion would add 4,000 people to a unit that only
Jan 9, 2013 4:00am PST
million more are still in need. >>> in australia, more than 130 fires are burning near sydney in new south wales. and authorities are warning of a catastrophic fire threat. more than 40 of the fires are burning out of control. temperatures may hit 109 degrees fahrenheit today. it is summer there. those extreme temperatures have forced australia's weather bureau to add new colors to its heat map. deep purple there, that's for temperatures up from 122 to 125 degrees. and magenta is for temperatures up to 129.2. wow. >> national cathedral in washington, d.c. will start hosting same sex weddings. the decision came after same gender ceremonies became legal in the district of columbia and neighboring maryland. >>> here's an early look at one of your top health headlines. a new study finds sweetened drinks and depression. the risk was higher for people who drank diet versions of these beverages. on the other hand, coffee drinkers had a slightly lower risk of depression. >> now to wall street. the dow closed at 13 rrks 328 after dropping 55 points yesterday. the s&p fell four. the nasdaq lost seve
Jan 5, 2013 7:00am PST
their routine to normal. >> wildfires had destroyed homes in southeastern australia. the bushfires are sweeping across the state of south australia, victoria. the island of tasmania has been the worst affected place in australia. andrew thomas has more on that. >> forecasters warned tasmania was about to endure its hottest temperatures in years. as feared, they produced the states worst wildfires in almost half a century. carried on by hot wind, the flames swept through the southeast of the island state destroying at least 100 homes. some escaped by spending hours in the water. in the worst affected town, the
Jan 7, 2013 5:30am PST
from our headquarters in county. -- delhi. the bushfires in the australia -- in australia. the prime minister warns the crisis is far from over. five men accused of gang raping and killing an indian medical student have formally been charged in the delhi -- in delhi. a sixth accused, under 18, will be tried in a juvenile court. , the five accused were brought to court under very tight security -- >> the five accused were brought to court under very tight security. the case is receiving quite a lot of interest. they have been presented to the magistrate and have their charges read out against them, which include rape, murder, unnatural offenses, kidnapping, and robbery, amongst others. two lawyers offered to represent them. the lawyer we spoke to said he would want to represent them. he says he would do it because he believes they deserve a fair trial. jama they are not convicts until it is proven so in a court of law -- >> they are not convicts until it is proven so in a court of law. i know the whole country has branded them as criminals and the evidence is against them, but the fam
Jan 8, 2013 5:30am PST
, battling bushfires pin australia. more than 100 homes destroyed with warnings of more to come. and taking on one of the last remaining challenges in a venture. that's coming up. it 9:00 p.m. eastern and 6:00 pacific. the top stories. u.s. president barack obama has nominated former soldier and republican senator chuck hagel for defense secretary. he has chosen john brenan to head the cia. both are considered controversial choices. rebels in northern myanmar say the military is continuing its air and ground assault against them. the armed forces on monday reported a attacked hilltop positions belonging to the caller independents army. firefighters are on standby across the australian state of new south wales. temperatures are soaring and that there are fears of wildfires. fires have already been burning in tasmania four days. the new year is almost a week- old. there have already been three drawn attacks in pakistan. the latest has killed at least seven people in the north. last year there were 122 strikes. while the u.s. says it is targeting people who threaten its security. last wednesda
Jan 28, 2013 5:30am PST
. and plucked to safety from floods in australia, helicopter crews are saving young and old. the french army says that paratroopers have taken control of the northern part of the city of timbuktu. special forces parachuted down to check on checkpoints on key access routes to the city. jackie is with the french army at timbuktu airport. how significant is this all, jackie? >> in terms of capturing timbuktu, it would appear to be the beginning of the end. late on sunday, as you mentioned, paratroopers landed in the more rigid in the north. they really are consolidating their hold, not just on the airport, but on the area around it. the information that we are getting is that we will not see advanced bother from the airport for a few hours yet. in terms of getting information on what is happening inside the city itself, we have some exclusive pictures from inside timbuktu that show rebel fighters leaving the city. a short while ago the man described himself as the third deputy mayor of timbuktu. not sure what happened to the mayor had -- to the mayor himself. he gave a very positive version of
Dec 31, 2012 4:00pm PST
of the new year. north korea has joined other countries in having a pyrotechnics display. australia, china and russia are well into 2013. we are tracking the celebrations. >> residents in samoa were among the first to welcome 2013. these to be the last but a year ago, they jumped to the west of the international dateline. the spectacular start to the new year came in sydney harbour, launched by the australian superstar, kiley been no good. -- kylie minogue. 7 tons of fireworks filled the air above sydney harbour bridge. this city's style is rather different. john yang has held what for help -- it's believed to be the first public new year celebration in north korea. burma has joined the global party. ♪ >> the end of the year would not be complete without the viral pop hit, "gangnam style" being performed with great enthusiasm. while hong kong celebrate with a virtuous so show over victoria harbor. fireworks lit up moscow's red square. in dubai, they filmed the midnight moment under the world's tallest building. the gulf states is eager to take its place among the world's best known venu
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